easter egg hunt

April 13, 2012

Out of the courtyard and into the sun,

Around the front of the house we’ll run.

A tall and ancient oak tree stands

Watching over the green parkland,

And from its branches hang the best

Three clues to lead us on our quest.

Now just beyond the old stone bench

A path is hidden in a trench.

What’s so funny about this path?

It’s called a ha-ha, that’s a laugh.

But we’ll follow it to the end with glee

To a pile of stones beneath a tree.

A cockerel and kingfisher stand

Upon two sticks, they look quite grand.

But where can these two birds be seen?

By the bamboo, tall and green.

And hidden in this bamboo deep,

There lurks a clue, let’s take a peep.

Now, over to our left we’ll see

A wooden bench beneath a tree.

Past that we run towards the dell,

To find the swings we know so well.

And hanging in the dappled light

Clue four we’ll find: a lovely sight.

Let’s follow the path that runs beyond

The daffodils, towards the pond.

And in the summerhouse will be

Another clue, let’s look and see.

OK, that was easy enough.

The next one has to be quite tough.

To the woods beneath the fallen tree,

It’s dark in here and hard to see.

But follow the path into the light,

And the clue will be just on our right.

In the bothy’s porch should be

Clue number six. Let’s see.

Now run along beside the wall.

Let’s stick together, one and all.

Where are we going? I beg your pardon?

Can this really be a secret garden?

And what’s this strange washing on the line?

Could they be clues for us to find?

Into the garden through the iron gate

To find a haul of chocolate.

But where to next? We must be near.

Over there or over here?

And how do we solve this final riddle?

The clue is somewhere in the middle.

Sam, look left and there you’ll see

A gnarled espalier apple tree.

And then, if you search hard until

You find the secret place, you will

Amongst it’s ancient boughs locate

A treasure trove of chocolate.

Felicia, look to your right.

A chiminea is in sight.

“But what’s a chiminea?” you ask.

To solve this puzzle is your task.

For hidden in its belly lies

Your lovely, chocolatey prize.

Molly, you must now look straight

Ahead, towards the garden gate.

Four large buildings there will loom

But only one called “The Glassroom”.

And here I think you will detect

Your prize, which you can now collect.


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