on this day…

April 20, 2012

On this day one hundred years ago my father, William Louis Philpot, was born in East London, son of Charles and Selina and one of ten children. His was a close family although widely spread around London, but we visited frequently during my childhood. The picture on the left was taken at my Uncle Fred’s magnificent tent near Maldon in Essex, probably in 1951. From left, Uncle Fred, Aunt Flo, Aunt Dolly, Mum and Dad. In front, cousin Henry, cousin Madge and me.

Dad died on June 5th 2003 at the age of ninety-one. Happy birthday Dad.


Generous he was and caring,

Never asking

but ever offering.


Quick was his eye to make a smile,

Ready his hand to stand a drink,

Sharp his mind to turn a card,

Slow his pen to select a horse.


Good was his day;

A good day to spend a pound,

A good day to sit with friends,

A good day to raise a glass,

A good day to share a joke,

A good day to share.


An independent man he was.

A man of means he was.

A lovely man he was.

A well loved man he was.


And now well loved he is.

William Louis (Bill) Philpot. 20 April 1912 – 6 June 2003


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